Friday, August 27, 2010

Fridays Finds,,,aka as "Oh NO You Didn't!"

I wasn't gonna,,,,,I mean it was raining,,,,,,I have enough,,,,,,,CR**,,,,,,err Stuff. But there was this ONE Estate Sale,,,,which, led me to,,,,,which led me to,,,,And then I ran into our Dear Luanne from Joyworks and she said she thought there was an Estate Sale also,,,,,at her family's estate and her former home.....So, ONE STOP grew exponentially! But I found some FUN Stuff! This was my Fav......Here's my Old Crabby and attention Monger Holly.......checkin' out what the heck mom is SO excited to find!

"Nothing in here for MOI!"

           In fact, it's Empty!  The shelves are BARE!  "Pie Safe?"
Shouldn't there at LEAST be a TUNA pie in here?

No pies of any sort, and well, yeah, it needs a paint job, BUT,,,,,are you eating dinner because you MAY just get nauseous when I tell  you I paid less for it than you might for a Fancy Starbucks Beverage!
I know! Stop it! Ackkk!
Heirloom White, Black or a Matte Silver,,,,,,,,What color paint do you think???

Some other Goodies..........

Fun old Wig box, a Crystal lamp,,,,,1962 Womans Day (Too fun to read! There is as readers comment about REPURPOSING old Moving Box Tags into Christmas Ornaments since her other's were still in storage from moving,,,,,Repurposing, in the 60's? And Tags, no less! Whatta?

Fun little vintage Ceramic  Bride and Groom figurines,,,,,too small for a Wedding CAKE but would be Great, I think on a Cupcake Topper!

A great spool of Cremey Vintage Lace,,,,,,and a couple of Packages of old Rick Rack.
Or,,,,,"Brick Brack" as either Jill or Jana my co-workers call it!

And a Rick Rack/Brick Brack ("Knick Knack, Give your dog a Bone....")
And netting Tablecloth.......
I don't remember any Rick Rack Tablecloths,,,,,but I DO remember the sheer half- aprons  with fancy metallic rick rack my mom and Auntie's wore at Christmas time. I think they were "sporting" them the year I got my Chatty Cathy!......But I Usual! HA!

Starting to feel Fall in the air here. I drove into Monroe today (the First Estate sale was there) and I passed the Washington State Fair Grounds,,,,,where the State Fair is now in progress.....Wow! Our summer here seemed to be one of extremes,,,either super HOT for US or rainy and cold. Nothing in the middle~

Although we've still got weeks of Summer,,,,,it appears, from the weather forecast and the spiderwebs,,,,that we'll be quickly approaching Fall. My Favorite time of year.....I just need a flock or two of Canadian Geese Honking overhead to herald in the cooler, crisp, colorful days that make the Northwest Glow!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do! Joyworks should be Hopping! We've got TONS of fun new clothes, our Halloween is out ( I promise Lulu,,,,I'll charge my camera and take pics to share with you and everyone else!)

Hugs and love~


  1. SHUT-UP !!! You didn't get that pie safe for less than the cost of a latte, you brat! My vote is remove ALL paint and leave galvanized, naked!!!!!

    Neat-o stuff . . . but I have a 12-step program I'd like to tell ya 'bout. ;0)

    xoxo Debi

  2. I'm thinkin' black to match your sweet puddy tat. I loves me a black kitty!!
    Have a great weekend, Shell!
    love ya,

  3. what a haul... love the table cloth. You sure know how to pick 'em

  4. Now really who could resisit all that. !! The pie safe and the green tulle are my favs!

  5. Girlfriend you always make me want to get out of this house and go shopping but it is so darn hot here and my back is still giving me fits but every time I come over here I regret that I am keeping my big bottom at home. lol
    What a shopper you are...and yes I am repeating myself as I usual.
    Love all your goodies.
    Lets talk soon

  6. Uuuuuhhhhmmmmm - aren't you supposed to be MAKING STUFF right about now rather than finding more goodies (can you hear the jealousy? LOL). That show is creeping up on you like little kitty feet! LOL

  7. The pie safe, either black then distressed or cream with a antique stain, either would be gorgeous! Have fun with it!


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