Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun Day in Skagit With Fellow Blogger Debi from Ormolulu!

TOO Fun! Had a "Girl Day" with fellow blogger and new friend Debi, from Ormolulu!

We "Met in the Middle," this first time, so to speak.....she came "down from Bellingham and I came "up" from Snohomish and we met at Skagit Valley Gardens for Lunch and well,,,,DUH! Some Shopping!

Here's Debi outside the Nursery by this funky vignette, complete with an old truck and plow! (If I would have tried to climb up in there,,,I'm sure the picture would have been entirely different!)

Lunch was GREAT! I would highly recommend it!  It was a bit "toasty" in the nursery, but I figure I'd sweat off a few calories in the process! Yeah, right!

Debi does shows all over the PNW,,(Pacific Northwest),,,,including Farm Chicks, 2nd's Saturdays at Sand Point (in Seattle), Portland Expo and the likes. She also has an ongoing space at Pacific Galleries in Seattle. (Yummy!) That's how we decided we'd first connected,,,,,,(after my visit there and she'd read my post and commented that she had a booth!)

Another fun old Truck, this one, INSIDE the nursery!
After a late running lunch, getting to know each other a bit better, we headed to La Conner for a SHORT visit! I went with her to Egg and Dart,,,,,where I found some awesome Vintage Ribbon! We went to a great lighting Store too, where Debi introduced me to a dear friend of hers,,,,Ugh, the cards are in my car,,,,and I'll post about the shop tomorrow or Friday, along with my "fun finds of the day!"

Then we Boot Scooted over to Mt Vernon for a FEW quick stops! Ack......One hour, so we hit two shops......Red Door and Dilly Dally!  So much shopping, and so many laughs (not to mention insight from Debi on our Upcoming show!) Too soon,,the shops were closing and it was TIME for us to both head home!

I had a SUPER time! Hope Debi did too! I see a visit or TWO in the near future,,,,with more laughs, sharing and exploring!! And,,,,we're BOTH getting ready for Timis extravaganza in OCTOBER! Ackkkk!

Oh,and PLEASE PLEASE note,,,,,,,I have had  some trouble lately POSTING images/jpegs and the likes. I feel bad, because there are Giveaways, Events/acknowledments that my software didn't recognize--- (Such as trying to upload my friend Lynn  Stevens, of Kuma, Idaho's recognition in TWO recent Somerset(s), Timi's Poster for OUR event, etc.) I Think I have figured out SOME of the problem (I changed some passwords recently but not ALL) So, hopefully, I'll be able to update some things soon that I attempted to, but my computer/blogland wouldn't LET me! Gotta love technology! Yeah Right!

'Puter problems aside,,,,,,,I had a GREAT time today! Debi was lots of fun and I'm SO glad I got to meet her face to face! And,,,,she is ONE smart lady! How FUN to get to know a talented blogger friend! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Hugs and love and Computer be,,,,,ummmm Darned!
(Thanks Debi, for a FUN Day! How come I spent ALL the money? LOL)


  1. Shell - these photos are fabulous - love the gardens and the vintage truck - what a great day you had with a new friend! Oh how I wish I lived closer (sigh~~)


  2. Dang it, girl . . . you are FAST!! I'm just now working on my post. Had the bestest time--with the bestest, funniest, soul-sister--let's head to the penninsula together, Shell!!!!

    xoxo Debi

  3. Girl I was starting to believe that Jacob or Edward had taken you away while Bella had her back turned.
    Have your ears been ringing because I have been talking about you big time. Wondering where have you been. I told Susan I talk to her one time on the phone and lost her forever. lol
    We will have to catch up soon. How is our friend LuLu...she is missing too
    Missed you


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