Friday, April 30, 2010

"May Day, May Day" No Way!

Can you even believe tomorrow is the first of MAY?? Honestly, we had days in February HERE, in Washington State that were SUNNIER and WARMER! If I was a knitter,like some of you that I know and have come to love, I'd be putting little sweaters on some of the flowers and shrubs trying to bloom! Ackkk!

Nonetheless, today I made May Day Baskets, or "Tussie Mussies" for some friends. I delivered a couple today because I work tomorrow!

The first one I delivered was to my BFF, Laura. She and I are different as night an day in many respects.
A) She doesn't  "Do Arts or Crafts."
B) She can read a Tidal Chart and Sail a boat like you wouldn't believe; she is a competitive racer.
C) She's petite and has a darling figure and is clueless about clothes- (and if you may recall, I worked as an Assistant Clothing Buyer at Nordy's) and although I DO NOT do the "Mall Thing" with anyone, I've been known to help HER pick out clothes.
D) She doesn't blog, facebook AND totally unlike me, she is ALWAYS glued to her cell phone for business.(Real Estate and property Mgmt.) (( We've had THE Safety Chat about phones/texting.))
BUT, we both take an active role in the Community, love animals, share laughs, and I guess primarily we respect and admire each others differences. And, we've been through a LOT of life's changes and adversities together.

But, I digress-
Based on her personality-(Anti Frou-Frou) and beachy,,,here's the Tussy Mussie I made for her. I filled it with "Flora and Fauna" and brought it to her home tonight!

I also hung one tonight on my dear Penny's door. Complete with White French Tulips, Vibernum, Hosta and White Aylissum. (Shown below-She's a Francophile and her livingroom is done in Browns/creme and aqua.. I thought this was "very" Penny.)

The Rest of my Tussie Mussie's were all along a similar vein. Subtle tones with hints of aqua. With a few "tweaks" to suit the recipients!  

I gave another to my friend Deb of Garden Party. minutes after hanging Penny's,,,as she was driving through our neighborhood, we FINALLY had a few minutes to chat about upcoming events.........She's been HOPPING! Getting ready for the event at Sand Point in Seattle and THEN....Ta-da!  She will have a booth at Farm Chicks in Spokane!

Deb's Tussie Mussie!

Deb (Bock) is SUPER talented! We worked together for a while a couple of years ago and I really got to SEE what she does and what she is capable of...Gorgeous, innovative work! If your local and you need a consultation on oh,,,let's say your garden, or "mixing up" your decor, or an interior design "Nip and Tuck," Deb is fantastic! Check out her link and blog if you haven't she is unreal!

So, I've got a couple of Tussie Mussies left to give out tomorrow morning, complete with French Tulips and Vibernum......those go to two friends/ local bloggers and shhhh! They are a secret!

Tomorrow night after work I will post my "Swaps" for the Tussie Mussie Event for a "Swap for all Seasons" and my May Day Basket Swap!" And of course, Tomorrow, MY giveaway ends!

Have a great weekend. I'll be working at Joyworks! Make sure you visit Jana's new blog it should show up in my sidebar,  for clothing and accessories and  also, check out her new FACEBOOK presence!!!

Hugs and Love,


  1. Those are the cutest things I have ever seen! What a fabulous May Day gift. So tell me - do you ever sleep?


  2. Thanks Vicki! "Mental Pause" gives me a bit of insomnia,, and frankly THIS week, I woke up on several days dying to try some new things/techniques! It's kind of a disease, but I've gotta say when I was down in the Studio/dungeon I felt a spiritual/guidance that just led me on,,,,,,

    I always try and create things with the recipients in mind and although I'm more spiritual than religious I will ask for "guidance" and some days I just FEEL a presence/help to try things and put things together that I hadn't thought of,,,,,I love it when it comes together in projects for people I LOVE and admire or folks I just want to give a bit of JOY!

    Lately, those guides, angels, fairies, saints, whatever you want to call them have been there, but I think that is because my heart wants to create positive statements with love and energy. Is that weird?

    All I can say is I FEEL it, and it just comes to me lately! As long as my creations make others feel happy or smile it's working!

    Hugs and Love,

  3. What lucky friends you have! There all so beautiful!

  4. What gorgeous, gorgeous Tussie Mussies!! They're all so beautiful that I can't decide on a favorite!! :) I'm sure your friends just adore them :)

  5. What LOVEY Tussie Mussies!!! I could never let them go, for choosing just one favorite would be too great of a challenge! Your friends will be most delighted with such a sweet gift!

    Happy May Day to you, Shelly!!

  6. Happy May day to you!
    WOW. those are so gorgeous!!!

  7. so beautiful, wish you lived close to me lol I would love to have one of these Tussie Mussies hanging on my door. they are lovely and you are a good friend.just noticed you were not on my blog list, going to do that now. thought you were there,grrr.button didnt work but will try again in future. hugs JoAnn S


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