Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, Antiquing and Tulips in Mt Vernon

We had a lovely Easter Dinner yesterday, my Brother was MIA (Fishing/Hunting? Lord knows) but my Dear Sister in law Mary came over from Port Angeles and went to the Michale Buble' Concert in Seattle Saturday night, and then headed to Snohomish and spent a day or two with me!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter day! We had dinner after son Andrew got off work and then Mary and I watched movies and got an early start heading toward the Skagit Valley,,,,,,,,,,Aka Tulip headquarters.

We went to Christiansen's Nursery first and it was just too dang cold and windy to even THINK about buying plants and flowers. But I took (above) wonderful pics of the Tulips in Mt. Vernon.

Now, I am 1/4 Dutch. I have dear family in Holland. But a little known fact? Skagit Valley ships MORE tulips Worldwide than Holland. In Fact, they actually ship their bulbs now to Holland!
That said, there are many Dutch immigrants of prior and recent migration in the area!

After visiting Christiansen's nursery and viewing several Tulip fields in route, Mary and I hit the Antique Shops in old, downtown Mt. Vernon. I found some fun items! Including a few, that didn't make it into my house-but rather headed "west" with Mary,,,,,,back to Port Angeles, inadvertently, including HALF my lunch from "County Cupboard" Restraunt, which is to die for! I'll have to call Mary later and tell her!

Here's a few pics of my "treasure hunt" in their shops
I bought this funky Mannequin head, which primarily I will use in my studio for crowns I make. She's a bit "shopworn." I think she was a former wig mannequin, as she has a lot of pin marks in her head.
Shortly, I'll give her a new  home in the studio,,,,,,,and of course, she MUST have a new name.......something related to Skagit/Tulips,,,,,,,,,,,,,and suggestions, leave a comment!

Then, you know how you are junking/antiquing and you find something that makes you want to jump up and down and scream, "Yes, Yes, yes." Well, I found this old vintage hat. As you can see, it's covered in vintage Velvet flowers in light blue and creme velvet! I got so excited I had to take deep breaths to compose myself. Because, yes, I make wedding cake toppers, but Andy's BFF is getting married on 10/10/10 and their main color is light Blue! This old vintage/velvet hat was $8.00 and a steal,given my future plans for it!!

Also found these fun Vintage flowers,,,,$2.00 bucks a batch~ "Made in Korea" Sticker. Too cute!
And finally, since I can't show you my "finds" that ended up going home with the "Sis-in-law" I found this fun headpiece. Now, I'm not sure what the materials are exactly,,,,,,,but these roses and blooms were too fun! Again,,,,,,,,the will be broken apart and used in some wedding topper! But the price was good!

Fun day in Mt. Vernon and ,,,,,well, if I get my "other" items back from Mary,,,,,,,,I'll share! Less the half of sandwich, which I think by the time I "get" will not be so photo, let alone, meal worthy!

Tomorrow is back in the studio and work on some other projects AND swaps I have going!

Hope you had a blessed Easter and a Great Monday!


  1. LOL Ok, so I know that the blue floral hat and the coral paper flowers came from a shop whose name I can never remember - but my friend Dona works there and the flowers were from her booth! She is the sweet gal with an ash blonde pageboy hairdo in the shop - We were at the shop THIS MORNING at 11, so I guess we just missed you girls! Sounds like you had a lovely day... and what about naming your new girl 'Tula'?

  2. OMG Debi! That is a Perfect name for her!

    When I worked in the Designer Dept at Nordys we had this wonderful woman from Greece that I came to know and love,,,,,named Tula!
    Perfect! Thanks,,,,,Tula she is!

    Hope you had a great day too,,and I'm not sure about the shop name, but the gal took my card(s) for the shop and my blog!

    Hugs dear! Thanks!

  3. We went to the tulip fields too...
    so pretty!


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