Friday, April 2, 2010

Heart "felt" Easter Swaps! Via Rhea......

Busy day, getting ready for the Easter Parade and Bonnet Contest tomorrow morning!

 I ran in to Stephan, from Sunrise, The Assisted Living Group that brought a mini-bus full of  Senior ladies last Saturday to make Bonnets for tomorrow.....He told me that two of the ladies have been wearing their bonnets every day since we help them create their bonnets.......It made me smile and and tear up all at the same time!

Last night, friends and I assembled over 150 prizes for entries in the Bonnet Contest-participants- ages 1-90 and throw in a few dogs, maybe a llama and a donkey or so, following the parade! I hope I get some fun photos to share tomorrow! The weather is supposed to be COLD and WET! Ackkkk!

I'm whopped. The "bug from hell" is ALMOST gone, but between getting ready for the Parade and Easter, I'll be glad to relax on Sunday afternoon!

I'm supposed to post tomorrow for "Miss Rheas" Basket Swap. But I will be really busy and thought I'd post tonight instead. This was actually my first Swap, although I have had a giveaway on my blog and then participated in the HUGE One World One Heart giveaway event. 

And, I kind of messed up,,,,I mean I took photos of my Swappers stuff, but I just have a few photos of the mini baskets I made, since I made more than required for the swap! And, I forgot to take photos of the goodies I included...hopefully, my "Swapper Pals" did!

Here are 3 of the 5 baskets I made.....

I recieved two lovely boxes full of goodies from: Maria of  and Stevie at http://www.myartcanvas,

Both gals sent me a lot of felted crafts, so different from what I make myself! They are both very talented and the goodies are delightful!

First Maria's-

This is an overview of all the lovely treasures she made and sent me! Look at the Bunnie Basket! How cute is that? And her fun little flower she made....and the felt carrots? How cute!

Maria has a tutorial on her site for her fun flowers!
She also made the fun carrots! How cute are they, in their felt finery?

If that wasn't enough, she also sent me these lovely felt flowers and "tea bag." Too cute! And finally, I got an assortment of beads, butterflies and eggs!
What a lovely bunch of goodies! Thank you so very much!

Then, I got my other Swap Package from Stevie of

More fun felt goodies and bunnies, bunnies bunnies! Okay and Malted eggs! My Favorite!!

Look at this cute little basket Stevie made! Complete with a fun bunny! I love the felting that she appliqued onto the basket! So sweet!and, I'm not entirely sure, but I think this adorable felt mushroom may be one of my favorites!!! Too, too cute! 

Thank you both, what lovely crafts and generosity! Thank you for taking the time and creative energies to make this a fun SWAP. Stopp on over Miss Rhea's blog to see all the participants swaps!

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend. I'm spending Easter with my sister-in-law,,,my brother is going fishing/bird hunting, something like that. So she and I may catch a movie and then have an early dinner with my son Andrew and his roomie (my 3rd Son, Frankie).


  1. What awesome baskets you made (I'm loving mine!!) and great gifts you received! That bunny basket is sooo cute! And I love that decoupaged wooden bunny silhouette! :) Have a very blessed Easter!

  2. Hey shell, This is a bit awkward but are you my swap partner for the May Day swap? I have been in the middle of a legal situation and not blogging at all and I replaced my computer recently and all the emails are missing. So if you are my partner, would you email me again or actually even if you are not so I know what to do next.Thanks so much. Meg

  3. Hope the Easter parade and bonnet contest went well. How sweet of you to get the senior ladies involved. Thanks for your visit and comment on my Easter parade post.


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