Friday, October 23, 2009

Up on the Roof top!

I had fun creating this box using vintage materials (Santa/reindeer pic on the roof, German mushrooms and "Merry Christmas Dresden) but I love giving it a new twist, adding the glittered bright green polka dots and fun scrap booking paper!

The house I made from scratch using poster board (and then covering it with the scrapbook paper) making my own window frames and doors! Well, a good rainy day project!

I'll bring it in to Joyworks on Monday to add to our "kitchy" Christmas section to sell, otherwise, click my Etsy sidebar for buying info!!


  1. I am drooling over this one too!

    Have fun tomorrow on the bus and Funky Junkin! Take lots of pictures pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase!


  2. Lulu my dear,

    I posted a quick Slideshow on ShellinSnohomish of the day,,,,,,,,,,Too funny, I was in a kitchen shop in Sumner on our "second" round,,,,,,and they had Paula Dean Stuff,,,,and I SO thought of YOU!!!!!
    I Wish that you could have been with us, but you were with us in my heart,,,,,,truly!

    Shell (Go to to see the first slideshow........I'll post and show you tomorrow or Monday my finds!!!!!!)

  3. Lulu,
    Me and all the Snohomish Gals would just LOVE for you to come visit us "Northerners" anytime!!! And going on a Junk Junket on Timi's bus? That would be SO much fun,,,,nonetheless, you will be welcomed by the Snohomish gals!!!

    Oh shoot, I already forgot about you comment about my "cake day" earlier,,,,,that will make it SO MUCH more fun to get a bit later and prolong my celebrating!!!!!!!

    (Pics tomorrow I think of my "Junk Finds and purchases!)

    Hugs and loves and of course, as always "pets" for your furry family!


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