Monday, October 26, 2009

Santa's little helpers taking a break!

I found these great little  (Vintage) Pixies through Etsy and thought they would be fun to put on boxes.  But when they arrived, I decided they needed to be together! Here's the little box I created today . . . 

To me they look like Santa's little helpers, although they appeared to be having to much fun to be Working! So here they are, "playing in the Snow, taking a break from the workshop to play in the snow!!

Fun as a gift container (measures appx 5"w X 9"high to the top of the Christmas tree) or fun just as a decoration. (All my boxes come with "shreddies" inside and feature a little "surprise."

Available at my Etsy Site (see sidebar) or in Joyworks, amidst all the other Christmas Decor!!


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