Friday, October 9, 2009

New Ballerina Boxes and Party Hats

I had fun today making some new party hats with with polka dots, paint,glitter and crepe paper! Available at Joyworks or on Etsy.

The one above I just kind of hand painted some ribbon-type design and glittered. Then I added some embellishments. I think it turned out pretty fun!

Another Party hat, this one with scrunched crepe paper/german buillion and little green embellishments.

I've sold all of my other Ballerina boxes, so I figured I would make a few more. Each one comes with paper shreddies and a little surprise inside.

As mentioned above, all items will be available in Joyworks or on my Etsy site. Let me know if you need a custom item!


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  1. Oh, Shell~ they did turn out so pretty! These are wonderful!!


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