Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I simply cannot believe it's been almost 2 MONTHS since I have blogged! Where does the time go??

As you can see from the image, I'm promoting my first Venue in 10 days!!  I have SUCH amazing Vendors, Volunteers, at the most Wonderful site,Snoqualmie Ice Cream.  We will be setting up in their mini-farm, 30 some fabulous Vendor (friends) are taking part in my first event.  They are coming from ALL over Western Washington, with various "visions" and goods!!  I am SO blessed to have them all coming to this first time event!

Top it off with a "Scoop" of Ice cream from a local business, a dear friend that told me, "Sure, No problem!" It's all fallen into place so beautifully, I'm a bit nervous!! "What if, Can we, Should we, ????"  All up to ME.

We are donating $2.00 of all Ticket Sales to Fred Hutch. That is to say, "Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center."

As I write this, I'll say, that I don't KNOW what is "going on" with my dear Sister in Law, Mary. I've left Phone messages with my Brother. Unanswered. I DO know she is on Hospice, and can no longer walk.  I truly don't KNOW whether HE is trying to protect me, protect HER, or just can't cope.

I will DO this Show. I will always KNOW as my Junking/Antiquing partner in crime, that She will be "There" for me. I will KNOW that she will smile and wish me the Best.

We cannot Chose a timeline for important events, or "Life." We can only move forward, and Know that we are surrounded by LOVE, Hope, Challenges,,,,,,,,,,,,and understanding!

Make Each Day, each moment Count!! Hugs, Love and a "Bus" (It's been Too long!)


  1. Hey Shell honey. I do hope your brother is OK. Whatever happens I know your sis-in-law will always be there for you because you love and care about each other. I am sending you lots of good thoughts on your event. I so wish that I could be there,

  2. Thank you Deborah, Love you!

  3. Oh Shell I hated to hear that your brother is not returning your calls. I know you all are just devastated and I wish I knew what to say to bring you comfort. You are in my prayers of course and I appreciate all the prayers you have sent for my brother Gary.
    I am glad you have this event coming up. It sounds awesome and you will do great. So try to enjoy it if you can.
    I did a post tonight after weeks of not being around. I showed pictures of Gary's little cottage they have fixed up so cute.
    Take care of you and I am sending you big hugs and lots of love from Texas

  4. Shell- I wish you great success with your vintage show- it's going to be such a wonderful good time. Please post pictures and tell us all about it!!!

    I'm sorry you have unanswered questions about Mary. I can only imagine the heartache your brother must be feeling--- prayers for to all. Xoxo

  5. I am concentrating on the show, and know that SHE is always with me.....I know he is hurting, just wish he wouldn't try to do it all, be it all, while not allowing the rest of us to 'Be there!"

    We all deal with loss in our own ways. I have to respect that, and I DO know how much she knows she is loved!


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