Friday, January 28, 2011

What the Heck is a Yard Egg you may ask.....and linking to French Cupboard Valentine event...

(Please refer to bottom of this Post, if you're Only looking for Handmade Valentines (French Cupboard Event..But You might enjoy these Handcrafted Eggs as Well!)

Happy Friday All! Hope you had a GREAT week! I've been busy in "Shell's little Sweatshop" making goodies for the Ruffles and Rust Event in a couple of Weeks......(See Sidebar for details.) We have kind of a Garden/Spring "Thingy" going for the Event.... Lots of Birds, Eggs, Flowers, and I decided I'd do a BIT of Easter. And,,,,,I had these "Yard Eggs?"

Yard Eggs??? Yeah, well, they WERE the Cheapy, molded plastic BIG eggs that people used to hang in trees Outside at Easter......You know, the houses you'd drive by and they had all those Funky eggs hanging or place around the place. (Kind of on the same scale as plastic pink flamingoes...only think EASTER!)

(They are/were HUGE,,,,,,10 inches High!)

But then??? A couple of years ago, Tracey Porter did a Video tutorial on her blog with all these amazing eggs- Festooned with lovely ribbons, flowers, decoupaged images and eggs she "sanded" in like  colors....(So the purple eggs got purple sand and the pink got the pink,,,,yadda yadda)......And they were all displayed in Gorgeous Urns, Soup Tureens, teacups,,,etc. Truly? They were gorgeous and I went on a HUNT for the stinkin Yard Eggs! Only to find? They don't make 'em anymore! Ackkk! I bought a couple on EBAY for about 6 bucks a shot,,,,because I wanted to make "Glorious Egg Creations" like Tracey's. Shortly after I bought my first "Yard Eggs" on Ebay I found a half a dozen at a Garage Sale,,,,,25cents EACH,,,,,,I Know, SHUT UP!!

So,,,,,I reviewed the tutorial?,,,,,And tried to create one of my own.....Well, THAT craft project would be right up there with the "Bunny from Hell" that I tried to create last Easter out of Paper Clay,,,,,,if you remember that.. a whole nightmare!

But this week,,,,down in the bowels of my albeit dryer but STILL a bit DAMP Studio,,,,,,I had an idea.....and, ahem, half a dozen or so Yard Eggs left laying around,,,,,,,Here's what I ended up with!

Stage ONE,,,,,,Big Ole' Egg Covered in Music Paper decoupaged on,,,,,(God Bless Modge Podge!)

Then, I added Vintage Images,,,,,this one above, part of a 1909 French Postcard-which is one of my Fav's,,,,, Scrunched Ribbons,,,old Millenery, Lace, Vintage Wallpapers,,,, and Voila! "Tres' Chic Yard Egg!"

I'll tell you how I made them,,,,,and My Stars,,,If you can scare up a Yard egg or two, embellish some of your OWN, if you'd like.....Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky at the Thrift Store. AND,,,,if you don't wanna make your own,,,,shoot,,,,send the lot to me and I'll make you one! But alas, I think they've gone the way of the "Dodo Bird."

Here are a few Valentine Images from a previous post. I'm linking this post to both the French Cupboard this evening and Debra's Vintage Friday Event at the Common Ground!

(Wallpaper from "Hidden Treasures" in Iowa during the Silver Bella Event...........)

Victorian Themed Heart,,,,,,,(I had fun learning to Sew Paper for these!)

Etc., Other "Kitchy" and Victorian Valentines..........Part of my ADD, or Whatever is I can never decide WHAT Era, theme I like.......So I always seem to do a bit of "This, and That!"

(Linking tonight to BOTH,,,, French Cupboard 's Valentine Event and  Debra at Common Ground   .........)

Have a Great weekend! If you're local,,,,we've got some Awesome new things in Joyworks! New clothes, New pictures, New goodies from Kelly Rae Roberts and much more! And make sure you stop by and get your $3.00 OFF coupon for Ruffles and Rust!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!



  1. Good Morning, Shelly,
    You are an ambitious girl. I love the idea for using vintage sheet music. I'm afraid we are still going to have too much snow to do any outdoor Easter decorating!

    Have a fabulous weekend. ~Natalie

  2. What a delightful blog you have here. So much eye candy to look at. I would love it if you would visit me too.

  3. Very pretty Shelley! Stop by the blog and sway hello sometime! :-)

  4. I LOVE those yard eggs! You did a fantastic job on these. There is nothing you can't do!

    Hope you are staying warm. We have MORE snow over here. Bleh!


  5. Shell, you did a great job with the yard egg. In fact, I think you are now the Queen of Yard Eggs! I did something like that with a Michael's plastic pumpkin...though not as clever, with the vintage postcard. I hope I find sone of those ugly eggs because I love these!

  6. Hey girl,

    Cute reuse of that big ole egg. I might have to find some as well...I really like it! Your Valentines are also pretty.

  7. Honey you are just too much...haha
    I love the way you write your adventures.
    Just was over at LuLu's and saw she is going to Dallas...I ask if you were going too.
    Would love to see you both
    Love your eggs and you

  8. Hey Shell, sorry I'm late to visit. Love all your Valentines and Monster Eggs, they are wonderful! You're just a craftin' machine!! Love it all! Thanks for linking up to the party!
    love ya,


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