Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baskets and Birds,,,,,,Feedback please! And thanks for comments yesterday!

First of all, Thanks to ALL of you for your comments yesterday! Since I learned of my "Adoption" by my step dad and later of the other part of my bio family, I've been pretty candid.....You are who you are,,warts, skeletons in the closet and all.....it's interesting to explore, truly. And, although a bit scarey,,,,,to open "That Box"- I'd highly recommend it to anyone. At any rate,,,you learn a bit more about yourself!

So,,,,,,I'm getting ready for Ruffles and Rust,,,,,and I just HAD to make these baskets and birdhouses,,,,,,Floral wire, Music paper, Vintage Millenery,,,,,,,,Whaddya think? In no particular order and photos are, ahem,,,,,,still my bad self....

Mini basket.......I loved twisting all this floral wire into "baskets" and cages" and making obscure projects............

Hard to see this little "Chippy" Vintage Cotton spun bird here,,,,,,,,,But she's perched amidst Vintage Wallpaper Butterflies, Sheet music leaves and old Millenery..........

Bluebird "Cage",,,,,,,,,,

Closeup of the "Bluebird",,,,,although again my camera doesn't reflect the best image........

The smallest basket in this grouping...........

I think I'll add a Bit of Glitter here,,,,,,,what do YOU think???????

And, I may still add a few more pieces to this grouping,,,,,but heres one more, for now......

Vintage Green Bird in Cage.......

I had too much fun, twisting wire, adding embellishments of Vintage spun cotton birds, old millenery and sheet music.....And, well, if nobody else loves them as much as I do,,,,,I'd gladly keep them all! But hopefully, a few will find "homes" during the Ruffles and Rust Event......

What do YOU think of these pieces,,,,I'd love some feedback!

And tomorrow? On to a few more pieces,,,,,,,,,and......TA-DA! Penny's Birthday Party at Joyworks!
She's the Bestest,,,,,and we'll have a GREAT celebration tomorrow and ahem,,,,,I'm bringing the dessert! Eat your Heart OUT! Can you say "Oooh La La??" a French dessert! Mon Ami! Oui Oui!!

Hugs,Love and a big ol' Bus,,,,,,and again Thank you all for your comments on my "Adoption" and Family discoveries yesterday!!!!


  1. I think your baskets are enchanting. I wish I had half your energy! Please keep sharing your projects. I really look forward to seeing them and gathering inspiration. Blessings

  2. Your baskets look so springy and Eastery! Very delicate. Go forth and glitter girlfriend! LOL

  3. Well Missy- - these are THE cutesy things ever- absolutely love the little twisty birdcages! I bet they ALL find happy homes at the event! One of my favorite creations of yours so far!! Only 3 more days till OWOH- yea!!


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