Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello Dollies! (And other Garage sale finds)

Busy and fun day! I left early go go Garage & Estate Shopping. Wouldn't you know, my first stop I run into Tamara (of yesterday's post)! We compared notes, but neither of us had any great places to check out. So,,,I just followed signs for a bit and then I hit Garage Sale GOLD!

Doll heads and Vintage Dolls!
Score,,,,,,,this  sweet Grandma had more dolls than you can imagine and she said she couldn't begin to go through and get rid of some of them, so her daughter's helped her. But I don't feel sad,,,,she says she still has TONS more! 
 Most of them were clothed, some still in the boxes,,,Madam Alexander, etc. But I kept digging and found these babies at the bottom of a box. $10 bucks for the works. A couple are porcelain.They were my big find of the day.

A few other finds:

Little pink Ballet slippers $1

Fruitcake Tin full of keys 25 Cents

Some Silver plate Goodies and a cloache' and Plate

I also got a few doillies, some chandelier lampshades (frames, as I see 'em) and some burlap...It wasn't quite as good overall as last week, but I'm loving the dolls/heads! And,,,,,,I love the Hunt!

Here's the fun Birdcage I got from Mary at our Swap party last night. I think I'm going to use this one in the studio,,,,,,it just has "Circus Party" written all over it! No Clowns though,,,,,I may be into doll heads right now, but clowns are just plain Scarey!

Speaking of "Hunts",,,,but wait, let me preface this.

I have TWO tuxedo kitties, right? "Tuxie," the one that I inherited from my mother is small, but a mighty huntress, much to my dismay! And then I have Holly,,,,who is old, lazy, demanding, (I always say Holly doesn't say "MEOW" she says "Me NOW!"

Son Andrew and I joke that Holly has only ever caught two things in in her life,,,,,both alas, birds. But we're sure one of them was drunk on berries at the time and the other,,simply died of old age. That is IT,,,,,,up until last night!

So- as I logged off after posting about our Junk Party last night, I heard this weird "meow/cry" coming from the back door. I knew it was Holly, just in the sheer VOLUME,,,but different than I'd ever heard her sound. So,,,,of course being the dedicated fur baby "mom" that I am,,,I went to investigate...She had brought "me" a HUGE Moth! Yep,,,,,,a Moth! Nonetheless, I praised her and rewarded her with some extra gourmet treats. "Good Kitty."  I laughed and went to the back cottage to tell Andrew about our mighty huntress. Of course the moth wasn't dead and I saw it on the Mudroom Ceiling.

Then,,,,,,,some 15 minutes LATER, after switching on the TV, I heard the SAME noise coming from the Back porch as she jumped over the fence and was headed back inside. ANOTHER Moth! ("Can I score more Kitty Treats mom?") Yep, the first one WAS still on the ceiling and she'd caught another!

Tonight? At Dusk? I'm keeping the camera on the back porch.......let's just see how smart this cat is!
Just when you think you've got 'em figured out!

Andy "hung" out with me a bit this afternoon and took in a few sales with me. I sprung for a pair of Swim Flippers for him,,,,for being a good sport and all. He managed to make me laugh so hard on the drive back into town,  I couldn't breathe and I had tears running down my face. We took the dogs to the lake for a quick swim and then (after we "helped alleviate a bit of the 'excess" ) the dogs got ice cream cone's from "Mickey D's!" (A rare treat, mind you!)

Have a great Weekend!


  1. Shell you always find the neatest items. So hate to repeat myself but how I wish I could go to garage sales with you.
    I love the story about Holly. My friend keeps telling me the surprises his Elmer leaves for him on his doorstepl. Thank goodness yours just catches moths. lol
    You are mentioned in my post tonight. Sorry

  2. You find the most wonderful treasures!

    I think that is so sweet that you got to spend time with Andy. You are such a good Mom and he's such a great son!

    November will be here before you know it! Do you have your plane ticket yet?

    Love and PIECES!

  3. OH MY STARS! IF you read this comment from Maggie,,,,GO READ HER POST! TOO Outrageous! TOO Obscure! TOO FUNNY!

    I, by the way am innocent! I love sharing laughs with Maggie,,but I had NOTHING to do with this!

  4. So Love your BLOG, so inspiring..
    I have been seraching high and low for ballet slippers -nothing... Lucky girl you are...

  5. Shell - love your garage sales treasures. You made a haul girl! Can I go junkin with you sometime?

    Love the kitty story - so funny - can just almost see it now!


  6. I love the birdcage - what fun! And the doll on the left is so beautiful with that sweet face and pretty hair.


  7. You hit the jackpot with the baby doll bonanza! Good scores!

    My cat does the same thing. But she doesn't catch bugs for treats, she just thinks it's the most fun ever. Silly cat. :-)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Love your kitty story. We used to have this sweet old kitty, she was waaaaay decrepit and hardly able to get around, but she was able to sneak outside and grab this teeny baby bird!! what the heck? no treats for that one! Love that yours thought a moth might be acceptable in the prey department...anything for treats.
    love your dollies!

  9. Hello Shelly! What a find in the tin of keys!! And all for .25!!! CRAZYYYYYYYY! ~ Hope you have been enjoying a fantastic summer! It has been toasty warm over here this last week! YIKES! :)))

  10. Goodness, you DID score!
    I laughed, because I grew
    up with that same fruitcake
    tin, which we saved after the
    cake was gone and use {with
    many others} for Christmas
    cookies each year! It's
    looking pretty dented, though
    and is hard to shut, so I may
    just have to order another
    fruitcake, as that bakery still
    uses that same pattern on the
    tins! Your kitty sounds precious,
    with her "love offerings!"
    xx Suzanne


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