Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun Girls Night at Stephanies!

We had our Quarterly Girls "Junk Swap" at Stephanies tonight! Too fun!! And Stephanies house was as always over the top gorgeous! I'd like one of everything,,,,,oh shoot, that's not the way this works!

Here's our Hostess Stephanie (rt) with her Guard Dog

So this parties theme was "Birds"-we brought TWO items to swap, one Bird related and one other.
Then, round ONE, every one draws a number-and whoever gets ONE pics first and so,on and so on.....Then we draw a second time-round TWO- and you pic one other item....Bring two items,,go home with two new (to you) items!
Fun items to choose from tonite!

Too fun! What would you pick? But wait,,remember you have to WAIT till it's YOUR turn to pick!

Annie, sneaking a peak before we begin! Put Jana's crystals down missy!

Tamara scores a fun Vintage mirror and bird's nest!

Clarice and Penny admiring some of Steph's decor.....Lots to see!

Dani and Penny checking out one of @#$#$??? Chandelier's Stephanie has...

Oh, yeah Girl! Your smilin' BIG time! THAT one had my name all OVER IT!!
But I got a really fun bird cage too! Thanks Mary!!

And, I got some from hose guards from Timi! Thanks Timi!
Stephanie, our hostess isn't a blogger,,,,,,but "Thanks anyway my dear!"
Ughhhhhhh, hard to come back to my little abode after THAT showpiece!
But I had TWO tails wagging at me when I walked in MY door! Gotcha there!Fun night! Good friends, Good food, good JUNK!

Speaking of which,,,,,I'm headed out to some Garage and estate sales tomorrow......Look out TAMARA!!
I'm gettin' there first! HA~!


Have a Good Friday All!

(PS,,,,,,,I took more pics than this but due to my really awful photo skills and because many of these women are good friends I will NOT post the others! I'm sure it's the best for ALL concerned!)


  1. That looks like a blast, what a fun idea, just might have to get something going here too! I could go crazy at that table!

  2. What a fabulous party - you can do the most fun things with your friends! I love the idea of a swap party - so cool! Great pictures - (who says you have bad photo skills - not so!!)

    Life is all about having a good time - so happy that you are living to the fullest. Your friends are blest to have you among them~~

    (I am back to wrk this day after being down all week with a summer cold - ugh!)


  3. as always, you DO know how to have a good (great) time. THANKS for sharing all the pretty prizes!


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