Monday, March 8, 2010

Busy Bee,,,,,,,getting ready for Spring and Chamber Easter Events!

I had a really busy day helping to get ready for our big Easter Celebration here in Snohomish!

(Couple of last years photos-)
This will be our 30th year for the Easter Parade,,,,,,,,,one, if not the only on the West Coast.  And, our annual Bonnet Contest -open to All ages and "Critters"- ( We've even had goats, donkeys and of course rabbits--but mostly dog entries)

The Parade and the Bonnet participants  (and prizes)for the event are really fun! And VERY family oriented! I really enjoy working on this event. The corporations for the most part are "cutting back."
BUT the local merchants REALLY  are stepping  up to the plate again,  as they did last year, and donating. It warms my heart. I'd rather see "XYZ hair salon donate than the big Corporations because THIS is what this town is all about! For, those little guys and gals are truly what keep this town what it is,,,,,,,and  they all gain business from  their advertising and more word of mouth!

Support Your Local Small Businesses!!! And On-line Artisans!

Thanks again,  to all the little "girls and guys" that donate each year! We hope to promote your shops, services and specialties to both visitors and  members of  the community!!!
(I'll be crafting and posting a bit, but this event is like my  community "job" for the next month!"

If you have "old crap" - Flowers/hats/ribbons/ easter smashed goods that would be appropriate for kids or Senior citizen bonnets,,,,,,email me! I'll pay for the shipping!
Again, I will make SURE you get PR and advertising in our local paper IF you , your blog/business donates items/supplies for this event!)

Hugs to all!

Thanks for your thoughts, support and donations to this forthcoming Event!


  1. Sure looks like you are really busy... WOW... and I thought I was busy...

    thanks for stopping by!

  2. Don't forget about the Historic Snohomish Antiques & Arts Faire on May 15. Vendors being accepted now at

  3. Hey! I was getting there NEXT!It was such an awesome Event last year, especially as a first year! "Yeah" Annie!
    Antiques, Crafters, Junkers galore! Proves to be even better THIS YEAR!!


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