Monday, July 6, 2009

Too funny!!

Sarah at:
Gave me a blog award this weekend. What was funny was that I was visiting her Etsy Shop on the hunt for some goodies for Christmas crafting (I know, I know). I snagged up some fun stuff by the way!!

I'm not the only one thinking a Christmas Crafting.....maybe it's the Midwest and other ornaments we're pricing at Joyworks!! Nothing like 86 degrees and Glitter!!

Visit Sarah's blog and go see her fun Etsy site as well. But glad I got to her Christmas in July extravaganza first!!!


Camera going back tomorrow, new goodies soon!! (Argghh #$@@#$@#!!!! Dang electronics anyway!)


  1. Congrats you wonderful creator you! Your gems are fabulous and I bet you are a gem of a person. Have fun, Anita

  2. Anita,

    You are on my mind and in my prayers. I don't want to bug you while you are working on your thesis, but YGG!!!

    We'll have to share some writing endeavors after things settle down for you,,,,,,

    I've been writing for several years (lots of personal history makes it easier) and think one of these days I'll get serious and put everything else aside.

    I think my ADD comes with creativity, or perhaps the other way around,,,I want to write/make/do/learn! Does that make sense? I think it's important to learn/read/create something new everyday we are alive.

    I'm thinking postive thoughts of you and your endeavors, and, in what I have learned of you, you deserve it!!


  3. Hi Sweet Shell!

    I emailed you through your link on your Blog but don't know if you got it or not. I got your note on my Blog that you had a special request but didn't see it on my website or my Etsy shop. Please email me at and let me know what you need and I will be glad to help you!!


  4. Oh, I'm so glad to see the cake toppers up close and her crown is so pretty. She is so lucky. I have been working on some shell tags and plan on photographing and convoing you tomorrow on Etsy! I think you will love them and tehy are going to match the crowns beautifully :)
    Angela Harris

  5. Very Excited Angela!!



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