Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lauren and Andrew's Wedding Cake topper............

Lauren stopped by tonight and picked up her wedding cake topper for her ceremony next month. I was delighted to see her and find out that she and Andrew are performing for the next couple of weeks prior to their wedding at Collectors Choice, here in Snohomish.

Then, after their vows, they are headed to Nashiville to expand together on their music careers. Lauren has an awesome voice and Andrew, well, he plays the piano like an Angel,,I truly don't know if Andrew reads music, or if he is just so gifted as to play by ear. I DO know that he inquired several years ago of my friend Laura to play piano in her Chapel when it was not in use. Andrew is self taught. And a musical prodigy/genius. His musical prose will give your heart delight!!

I am SO happy about their union. I love and admire them both greatly. And I wish them the world in their endeavors!!!



  1. Your wedding cake topper is such a charming keepsake! What a treasure for the happy couple to have for the future.

    Thanks for leaving a nice comment on our blog. Good luck with our give-a-way!

    Beth of Salvage Studio

  2. Ohmigosh Shell....this is beautimous!

    I am finally back and trying to catch up on my Blog visits today :) I always LOVE reading your posts and seeing your lovely creations.


  3. I happened to stumble across.. and so glad I did! FAB crowns! What a great keepsake for any occasion! I have my 39th and my daughters 10th..coming up!! What a perfect way to end the 30's and start the double digits!


  4. Will gladly do anything custom for either of you,,,,,,,let me know what you want....


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