Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kyle & Ellyn's Wedding

Last night Andrew and I attended the Wedding of a dear family friend, Kyle Holman and his Bride Ellyn. Gorgeous wedding,,,,and what a cute couple!

The Venue was Gorgeous,,,Hidden Meadows,,,,Just out of town ......
This was there Cake,,,Atop a Real Tree stump,,,,,,too cute! And then Cuppycakes for the Rest of us!

(Andrew and I sat at the "Reserved Table" which included Grandma Celia,,She is a Whoot!)
Definetly NOT the Reserved Table,,,,,,,,as the following photos will illustrate!

And my dear friends Kell and Her Cuz, Howard, Father of the Groom -

More of the Lorenzen Klan.....Dani and Brother Chris,,,home to visit from NYC and Virgina.....

They had a Great Photo booth set up with hats and props.....Love this one!

Fun evening! Congrats to the Bride and Groom!

It's Gorgeous and I'm off to Joyworks soon! Should be a Hoppin' Day! Have a GREAT Sunday, whatever you Do!

Hugs,Love and a Bus!

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  1. What a great wedding, Shell. They look so natural!
    Have a great Christmas!


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