Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Cake Toppers and theme boxes!

Here are some fun boxes and cake toppers as of late. I LOVE boxes, I always have. Since I was a child and my Aunt Lila used to create the most beautiful packages. They were too pretty to open-Almost. My boxes have theme card and/or trinket surprises inside to match the "personality" of the recipient or box! Given as gifts you can add your own special touch or wishes inside! The boxes are fun, but it is also enticing to see what is inside!!


  1. Hey Shelly! Love the background! & once you have the header in it will look gorgeous~ Can you upload the photos larger so we can see more detail to these wonderful crowns and cake toppers? Wonderful start. I'll be back soon to see what's new!

  2. Angela,,You can just click on the images to see them larger!!

    Okay missy,,,,you are the FIRST to view and first to post,,,so I will make you a little something,,,,,send me some info about your personality,,,,,what you like,,,,,and I'll make you a crown or a box........Your choice and my treat, my dear!Might take a couple of weeks since Im up to my ears in custom orders!!



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